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2011年11月18日 (金)

The university of tea 2nd lecture "tea and zen"

I participated in the 2nd lecture "tea and zen" of the university of tea held in Wazuka-cho, Soraku-gun, Kyoto.

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I took JR Yamato-provincial-paths high speed, and got off at Kamo Station.

This lecture was held in the 百丈山 大智寺 Daichi temple.  It is a Rinzai sect Eigenji group's Zen temple. It is located in "Wazuka-cho Kosugi" which is a terminal point for necessary 40 minutes in the bus on a regular route of the Nara traffic from Kamo Station.
"The universities of tea" are nonprofit educational facilities which ITFA (International Tea Farm Alliance) manages primarily.

There is no entrance examination. An entrance fee is also unnecessary. There is no indispensable unit. There is also no graduation. If you like tea, you will begin to be studied freely. It is a university of tea. The study meeting of various styles is held there.Please visit this website, when you get interested.


Kyoto Obubu Tea Plantations京都和束町おぶぶ茶苑 http://www.obubu.com/


The person of middle is Mr. Matsumoto. He is one of the sponsors of this university.

There were 21 participants all members.


This means it as the mountain of a megalith.


Zen Garden. This temple has 300 years or more of history.

We heard the sermon of Mr. Yamada Bunryou(山田文諒禅師), who is a chief priest of this temple. We recited sutras. It was Heart Sutra and Hakuin Zen priest meditation-in-Zen-Buddhism (白隠禅師坐禅和讃). Meditation in Zen Buddhism was started.

『結跏趺坐』。"Sitting manner of Zen."

There were several persons who are learning yoga among participants. The posture of their sitting manner of Zen was very beautiful. I was not good at the pause of a sitting manner of Zen.

All the persons concerned become quiet at the signal of the sound of a wooden clapper, and a bell.

調身 (be ready in the body), 調息 (be ready in breathing), 調心 (be ready in the heart)
We are half-eyes and did the sitting manner of Zen for about 15 minutes. Breathing is inhaled by 1 and 2, is vomited by 3, 4, and 5, and is stopped by 6 and 7.
A "reservoir of 気" is built by stopping a breath by 6 and 7.

While having repeated breathing, I feel various sound in silence. A faint sound of water and sound of a wind, the cry of a bird. I felt blessing  very much.


Zen is a name of the heart and the heart is the body of zen (the Yamada Bunryou guru山田文諒禅氏 said). 

In the intervals of meditation in Zen Buddhism or a sermon, they offered delicious tea, such as green tea, roasted green tea, and tea with whole rice. I separate into parties by all participants, and am allowed to carry out Hondo's wiping, cleaning of the yard, etc.

It was the important practice which purifies the heart. I appreciate from the bottom of my heart.

A once-in-a-lifetime chance and the time of fullness were able to be spent with you who gathered together. It was very precious experience.

Mr. Matsumoto! Thank you for today.
I would like to participate also in the next lecture very much.